Domain Names

General Terms

Below are our standard terms and conditions relating to domain name activity.   As well as our terms, domains maybe subject to the terms and conditions laid down by their respective governing registries.  You will find a list of 3rd party registries that Ontinuity partner with and a link to their terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.


1.  Although 'Ontinuity' endeavors to attempt all domain registration on behalf of 'you' our client, we make no representation of warranties either expresses on implied that the requested domain is or will be available at that time.  Nor are we able to comment on the likelihood that it will be successful.

2. We 'Ontinuity' cannot reserve domain names that are pending deletion at other registries nor can we be held responsible for letting you know whenthey will become available for registration.  It is the responsibility of 'you' the client to check on the status of the domain, and at such time it becomes available, request that we register them on your behalf. 

3. Upon successful completion of a domain name registration is it the sole responsibility of 'you' the client to ensure that the public WHOIS details associated with that domain are correct and up to date.  Domains are registered with the details we currently hold on file. You accept that failure to maintain this information could result in renewal notifications or payment requests being sent to outdated or incorrect contacts, resulting in domain registration disruption.

1. 'Ontinuity' will issue renewal invoices to the billing contact details we have on file on the 1st of the month directly preceeding the month your domain name expires in.  It is the clients responsibility to confirm if you wish for us to renew the domain(s) by means of making payment of any outstanding invoices, no later than 48 hours prior to its expiry date.

2. Domains will be renewed for the same period that they were originally registered.  In the case of .uk domains the details renewal period is two years at a time.  This clause will be deemed void if the client requests a differing period of time for an up coming renewal.

3. 'We' accept no responsability for loss of registraion due to invalid contact details being supplied or failure to keep them updated, late payments, or technical issues such as registry maintance that prevents us from doing so.

4.  If payment is not made by the renewal date, the domain will be deemed to be unwanted and placed in an 'expired' state.  Information on expired domains can be found below.


1. Cancelations for Domain name registraions and renewals made on behalf of a business entity are non-refundable, either in part or in whole.   If you are a consumer, you may have a right to cancel this contract under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 or similar laws amending or replacing it. The right must be claimed within seven working days of the start of the services.

2. Where a refund is granted by the underlying registry, Ontinuity will only make it's refund once the refund has been made.

3. Where a mistake is made in the spelling or extention of a domain name on the clients behalf Ontinuity will not be liable to make a refund.  If on the other hand a misake is made by us, a full refund for that domain name will be made and a corrention made.



Change of Ownership

1. If you wish to tranfer ownership from one entity to antoher, 'we' must receive prior written concent from both parties that they want to proceed.

2. The gaining party, agrees to be bound by these terms and those of the thrid party registry in question, as detailed at the bottom of this page.

Transfers to and from another provider

1. Ontinuity will only transfer domains to and from another provider if the requester is acting on behalf of the registrant as listed in the public WHOIS data.  

2. Any incorrect or disputed ownership rights should be resolved prior to asking Ontinuity to act on any transfer.

‚Äč3. 'You' the client acknowledge that delays in transfers due to pending approvals from third parties are not the responsibility of 'Ontinuity'.

4. Ontinuity will only finaise the transfer process once all outstadning invoices pertaining to that domain name have settled.

Third Party Terms and Conditions

Nominet .uk domains

For more information relating to the terms and conditions you agree to when registering a .uk domain, along with how Nominet will handle disputes, please click on the following links:
Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration
omain Dispute Policy

OpenSRS gTLD and non-uk domains

All non-UK domain names are registered via OpenSRS.  By registering a non-uk domain via us, you agree to the following terms, as set out by OpenSRS:
OpenSRS Terms and Conditions
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